A new chapter in the history of the MobileGO (MGO) token
MGO is now a full-fledged payment method at Xsolla, which opens a new chapter in the history of a former tournament token and offers limitless possibilities for millions of gamers worldwide.
Current token price:
0.051 USD
Broadband internet revolutionized gaming. Single-player got boring. Multiplayer became the way to play. Blockchain will usher in the next gaming revolution by bringing competitive eSports to everyone. And it’s happening right now, with MobileGo—a smart token that can facilitate peer-to-peer matchplay and decentralized tournaments for millions of competitive gamers worldwide.
eSports is in its infancy
Dependent on sponsorship, professional eSports are accessible only to gaming elites
Global Games
137.9 Bn
2018 total
$70.3 Bn (+25.5 YoY)
$34.6 Bn (+4.1 YoY)
$32.9 Bn (+1.6 YoY)
and eSports
eSports fans YoY
2 100 000 000
Gamers worldwide
380 000 000
eSports enthusiasts
MGO is a smart token set to herald a new era in the gaming industry. It is intended to gamify the Esport platform and incentivize gamers for loyalty and participation through rewards. Also, we are continuously working on expanding our geographical presence, forming new partnerships with world’s top gaming companies. Our ultimate goal is to make MGO a truly global token, traversing geographical borders and making games available to everyone.
The MGO token has an extremely broad scope of application, providing numerous benefits for different populations. For gamers, it will facilitate peer-to-peer matchplay and decentralized tournaments, serving both as a match reward and an entrance fee. Moreover, token holders will be able to earn additional discounts for purchasing in-game content.
Game publishers can get paid in MGO, which has different advantages over fiat money, including the speed of processing payment requests. For crypto enthusiasts, it is an extremely valuable investment: With a $50 billion mobile market and around 1K games being registered on platforms like Google Play and Apple every day, acquiring just a fraction of market penetration results in large revenues.
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Summer 2017
Start of the development of a mobile store using MGO tokens. Steady growth of the developers’ team and establishment of new partnerships.
October 2018
Tournament victory payouts available in MGO. Launch of the community growth program. Integration of the first games with Esport, registration open for gamers.
November 2018
Implementation of MGO and fiat money as entrance fee currencies. Integration of 10-20 simple games. Release of a publisher account MVP.
December 2018
Addition of new simple games and integration of 1-2 big-scale games.
Xsolla now accepts MGO payments, which means an instantaneous access to over 500 games for MGO token holders.
The global software and cloud provider has established a strategic partnership with the GNation ecosystem.
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